We Want Suntans Just Like The #Muslims #casualsunited #nwi #sea #dumbbint


muslim tans 1

dart suntan 1

uddin suntan

FUCK ME you couldn’t make this shit up

Who is this fucking bimbo airhead moron?
HAHAHAHAHAHA get some education you silly cow.

And these commies accuse us of being stupid. Jeezus.

NFSE to fucking idiots.

Kate Bannister just has air in her canister.

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Nathan Hanley – Muslim Nonce #Nwi #Casuals #Edl

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Most of you will probably have heard of Nathan Hanley, formerly of Bolton.

Incase you don’t here’s a bit about him. Nathan used to be part of the Bolton Division of the English Defence League but when it became public knowledge that Nathan had a bad habit of touching his disabled sister, abusing his mother, giving his dying dog cannabis, taking the piss out of Tottenham fans that had been stabbed and having relationships with underage girls he was, understandably, booted from the division.

The next three screenshots were taken in 2011 which would have made Nathan 19 and the girl (who we wont name) 15. Nathan went onto have a relationship with this underage girl until her parents rightly stepped in and put a stop to it.




Here’s Nathan again admitting that one of the reasons he was booted from the Edl was because he took the piss out…

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The Assault On The Woman That *Didn’t* Happen #casualsunited #evf #NWI #wakefield


assault that didnt happen 1


Are you happy now?

wank slated 1morgan slated 1morgan slated 2Probably still not enough “proof” for you tho is it?
You think it is ok for philistines to attack a woman in her home, break the windows of her child’s bedroom, terrorise the family? Put her in hospital with a broken jaw? THIS IS OK IS IT?
Because she is what you call a “racist”. Well, we think you are all scumc*nts of the highest order, we think you are vile and disgusting excuses for human beings but we don’t do your homes and terrorise your families  because we aren’t as prehistoric as you smelly hypocrite fuckers. Go give your heads a wobble.
Oh, you don’t even know how to do that, even with the high levels of education you say you have (see yesterday’s Blog).
Jog the FUCK on now. No Surrender, EVER.
gails window 1


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