Sukant Chandan “the West is very nervous”. The rants of an Anti British, Anti White, Anti West, Anti Establishment Immigrant IRA and Gaddafi ‘fan’.

Liverpool "Scouse" Nationalists Blog

ImageWednesday at 6:55pm “Thank God these islands have had the IRA (best thing europe ever produced)” (taken from his facebook page)


Sukant Chandan is an Indian Sons Of Malcolm Black Power political analyst, film maker and activist currently living in London W13. Sukant originally from Chandigarh, India came to live in Britain in the winter of 1981 and states it was against his will and that he hates ‘the west’. After 81 he went on to attend Drayton Manor High School and Sussex Uni and study Digital Media at the expense of the unsuspecting tax payer.


The Sukant family are a notorious benefit scrounging plague upon our nation as detailed here in his book, “enjoy your time here, and get back a little of that which the British took from you” in referring to “free money”.


His criminal father is Navroz Chandan a Socialist Labour Party member who…

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