Enough is Enough. Burnley 22ndJune.


“One of the Kidderminster fans suffered two stab wounds, but his injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Four men from the Luton area have been arrested and were today in police custody”

This happened in Luton last night. Burnley and many other places in the North West , like Luton, are littered with so called no go areas for whites. Many times in recent years we have heard stories of people wandering into these areas and coming under attack by muslim youths and in some cases killed. Gavin Hopley of Rochdale. 19 years old and kicked to death in Oldham back in 2002 for “wandering into the wrong area”. 17 year old Daniel Stringer beaten to within an inch of his life in Hyde back in 2012. Again for “wandering into the wrong area”.

Yorkshire is rife with the same problem, the Midlands are also suffering as are many other places up and down the Country.

Well we say Enough is Enough!! How long are people going to sit back apathetically whilst the Country is fastly being snatched away from them by this backward ideology known as Islam for Gods sake?? Get up and make a stand!! Lets make this stand in Burnley on the 22nd June when we Unite as one to show people how pissed off we are with Islamists and Immigration bringing unwanted problems to our shores!

22nd June 2013 – Burnley is where the real Fightback begins.


4 thoughts on “Enough is Enough. Burnley 22ndJune.

  1. Hello I am the brother of Gavin Hopley who was murdered for entering the “no go white area” of glodwick in oldham. Even tho we are still upset and angry of what happened, please don’t use Gavin as a martyr like the BNP did and exploited him. I don’t mind you mentioning his name as an example of what is going on in “Our” so called country. But I ask please no pictures or rallies where Gavin is at the forefront. Yours hopefully Steffan Hopley.

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