Commies Glorify Their Violence In #Brighton (Again) #mfe #casualsunited #edl #nwi


We’ve seen that the commies have been foaming all week, asking for our pics and Blogs and reports of the MfE St. George’s Parade last weekend.

Why don’t you think we have done anything? For one, children who constantly ask and harrass for things get told “No” and told to go do something to entertain themselves instead.
But we forget, these aren’t children – or even human – these are commies and they are a whole different species altogether.

Apparently, we are “butthurt” (their favourite word.. I wonder why?) and we were “humiliated” last weekend in Brighton. REALLY?
no humiliation 1

no humiliation 2
The man in the last picture is one of the “Nationalists”, and he is clearly seen in that picture as being a victim of an assault. He does not look “humiliated” though. In fact, I have seen the commie scum on the Slated Facebook page bleating about how he was arrested for…

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Knowsley To Fight The Bedroom Tax Demo, Huyton Village Friday 12th April 2013. A fantastic little demo

Liverpool "Scouse" Nationalists Blog


Today, Huyton Village and the people of Knowsley and further afield, concerned people of Liverpool played host to a demonstration against the sordid farce being portrayed as a ‘Bedroom Tax’.


Last month Liverpool City centre and ‘Liverpool Against The Bedroom Tax’ a splinter group of ‘Liverpool Against The Cuts’ hosted a great march and static demonstration outside Liverpool Crown Court, only to be ruined by Liverpool’s far left in the form of the ‘Socialist Workers Party’ (SWP), Unite The Unions UAF and Liverpool Antifa and their members Adam Ford, Ian Hunter and Jammie Sppakamm amongst many many others. The ‘left’ even went to the extent of burning down the ‘Liverpool Against The Bedroom Tax’ banner and heckle during speeches from the elderly, children and a family who lost their boy.

So what of today

Scouse Nationalists in varied forms from Casuals, NF – basic concerned citizens of Liverpool gathered at…

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