Swansea Antifa Target Abba Tribute Gig


Morriston club wrongly accused of hosting ‘White Pride’ gig was in fact holding Abba tribute night

A SWANSEA club owner who says he was wrongly claimed to have hosted a concert by “white pride” activists was in fact staging an Abba night.

The online allegations followed a demonstration in the city on Saturday, when up to 100 White Pride activists exchanged chants with more than 400 anti-fascist campaigners outside the National Waterfront Museum.

It was organised via a website called the South Wales National Front, which says it is not an official National Front site.

The website reveals that, after the demo, protestors enjoyed “a well-earned drink and the celebrations went on well into the night”.

The location of the get-together remains unknown, but Keith Jones, who runs The Club in Morriston, said he was angry his business had been wrongly associated with the demonstrators. He is now taking legal advice.

He said: “We had nothing to do with the protest whatsoever, but The Club has been named on Facebook and Twitter as being the venue where they came back to after the demo. But we did not stage any concert for them.

“We had an Abba night on Saturday, which I don’t think is their type of music.

“I have nothing to do with them, and I don’t share their views.

“I have spent four years building this business up, and don’t want to be associated with this.

“How can people just write something when they don’t know the facts”

“I am not happy about it, which is why I’m taking legal advice”

Meanwhile, police said they have not received any complaints about a photograph that was posted online, which is alleged to have been taken at the unknown location following the demo.

Source – http://m.thisissouthwales.co.uk/story.html?aid=18390564


Here are a few screenshots from the “No Race Hate In Swansea” Facebook group.




And here’s a screenshot from “The Club” Facebook page.



Looks like the person who runs the No Race Hate In Swansea Facebook page might have landed themselves in a spot of bother. With them actively working with the police aswell they shouldn’t be to hard to track down.

Silly little commies.


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