NWFF Demo (Burnley) Edited


On the 22nd June at 14:00 the North West Frontline Firm will be hosting a demonstration in Burnley to highlight the Islamification of Great Britain and the ever growing problem of mass immigration.

Speakers :

Paul Pitt (South East Alliance)
Tony Curtis (English National Resistance)
Jeff Marsh (Casuals United)
North West Angel (Edl)
Paul Mcginty (North West Frontline Firm) Mickey Bayliss (South West Alliance)

More details to follow (Times may change)

Unity Is Our Strength


Well, here we go again…

The usual bullshit, lies and manipulative word games from the commie scum. Please read THIS BLOG if you don’t know what this is all about.
Nottingham University is holding a weekend for islamic hate preachers to come and spread their message.

Commies think they should be allowed to do this, as we are a country that allows Freedom of Speech.
But… wait… aren’t these the same individuals who are obsessed with stopping a St. George’s Parade?

Their hypocrisy is confounding…

commie smug hypocrisy 1commie smug hypocrisy 2bcommie smug hypocrisy 3b
(Qatada preaching hate from jail)

Is that all we’ve got? Seriously? You need any MORE?

These people (for want of a better word) are dangerous because they are that stupid and ignorant – would you let a small child play with matches? No. These idiots are the same. They don’t see what’s in front of their own noses, or they see it and…

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Swansea Antifa Target Abba Tribute Gig


Morriston club wrongly accused of hosting ‘White Pride’ gig was in fact holding Abba tribute night

A SWANSEA club owner who says he was wrongly claimed to have hosted a concert by “white pride” activists was in fact staging an Abba night.

The online allegations followed a demonstration in the city on Saturday, when up to 100 White Pride activists exchanged chants with more than 400 anti-fascist campaigners outside the National Waterfront Museum.

It was organised via a website called the South Wales National Front, which says it is not an official National Front site.

The website reveals that, after the demo, protestors enjoyed “a well-earned drink and the celebrations went on well into the night”.

The location of the get-together remains unknown, but Keith Jones, who runs The Club in Morriston, said he was angry his business had been wrongly associated with the demonstrators. He is now taking legal advice.

He said: “We had nothing to do with the protest whatsoever, but The Club has been named on Facebook and Twitter as being the venue where they came back to after the demo. But we did not stage any concert for them.

“We had an Abba night on Saturday, which I don’t think is their type of music.

“I have nothing to do with them, and I don’t share their views.

“I have spent four years building this business up, and don’t want to be associated with this.

“How can people just write something when they don’t know the facts”

“I am not happy about it, which is why I’m taking legal advice”

Meanwhile, police said they have not received any complaints about a photograph that was posted online, which is alleged to have been taken at the unknown location following the demo.

Source –


Here are a few screenshots from the “No Race Hate In Swansea” Facebook group.




And here’s a screenshot from “The Club” Facebook page.



Looks like the person who runs the No Race Hate In Swansea Facebook page might have landed themselves in a spot of bother. With them actively working with the police aswell they shouldn’t be to hard to track down.

Silly little commies.

Teenage sex slave raped 90 times in one weekend


Teenage sex slave raped 90 times in one weekend despite authorities saying she wasn’t at risk

Girl gave evidence to committee despite still being ‘deeply traumatised’
CSJ report claims efforts to tackle slavery in a state of crisis
More than 1,000 adults and children trafficked into or within UK in 2011/12
A teenage girl was raped 90 times in one weekend it has been revealed, in a shocking report into modern-day slavery in the UK. The report, due to be published tomorrow by the Centre for Social Justice, contains evidence from the girl, who was 16 at the time she was taken into slavery and raped by 90 men. The girl, who gave evidence to the committee despite still being ‘deeply traumatised’ by the attacks, did not come from a background which put her at risk, but became enslaved after befriending girls vulnerable to abuse, it has been reported. Andrew Wallis, chairman of the working group that produced the report, would only tell the committee the girl ‘is now safe’ when asked what had happened to her since the attacks, according to the Sunday Times. The report claims efforts to tackle modern slavery in the UK, including the sexual exploitation of children, are in a state of crisis. The CSJ, an independent think-tank set up by Iain Duncan Smith, has attacked the Government for its ‘inadequate response’ to the issue after the investigation uncovered a ‘shocking underworld’ of human trafficking. Its study found more than 1,000 adults and children were trafficked into or within the UK in 2011/2012, but the figure could be ‘only the tip of the iceberg’. Among the cases were British and foreign victims who had been forced into the sex trade, a life of crime or domestic labour. British girls trafficked within Britain for the sex trade made up nearly one half of all UK slavery victims in the latest set of figures.

Christian Guy, managing director of the CSJ, said: ‘Our research has uncovered a shocking underworld in which children and adults, many of them UK citizens, have been forced into lives of utter degradation. ‘Yet the authorities are either failing to understand the nature of this abuse or turning a blind eye to its existence. Our once great nation of abolitionists is a shameful shadow of its former self.’ The think-tank is campaigning for a radical overhaul of measures to combat 21st century slavery, including bringing all human trafficking and modern slavery offences together.

It added that victims should be encouraged to come forward without the threat of facing prosecution over immigration breaches or crimes they have committed since being trafficked. More training is also needed to ensure police officers, immigration officials and social workers recognise the scale and nature of the problem. Mr Guy said: ‘We have been alarmed to learn that British children being trafficked within the country are often viewed as somehow being complicit in their exploitation. This is absurd and unacceptable. ‘Elements of control in these cases can be subtle and difficult to identify; this control frequently takes the form of sexual and other forms of violence, physical or emotional abuse, threats of violence towards family members or threats of public shaming.’ A spokeswoman for the Home Office said the Government has already made significant progress in fighting trafficking. She said: ‘Human trafficking is abhorrent and the UK Government is committed to combating this crime in all its forms. ‘Investment in training for front line professionals to identify and refer victims, improvements in data collection, work with the private sector to protect workers and more personalised care and support for victims are already making a real difference. ‘But the Government is not complacent and we will continue to work to improve and strengthen our approach to keep pace with emerging threats.’