Unity (Manchester 2nd of March)


This coming Saturday (2nd March) will see all patriotic groups from the North of England descend on Manchester City centre as one in what promises to be the biggest demonstration the North has seen since back in 2009.

People have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring back some solidarity in what has become a splintered Northern Patriotic force. Admittedly in the past couple of years a lot of people (including myself) have taken our eyes off the ball and not focused on the real enemy. Well all that is about to change.

We in the North are now as one. We stand as one and we are ALL coming to Manchester.

Demo details –



Manchester Town Hall,Albert Square.

The march starts at 1pm from the Granada Studios,down Quay Sreet crossing Deansgate where it’ll stop to pick up any late comers or those who don’t want to do the full march.Then on to Manchester Town Hall where the demo and speeches will to take place.

Coaches will be taken to Water Street nr Granada Studios

Those arriving by train should head for Deansgate Station or alternatively head to Piccadilly Station where a free shuttle bus service will take you to the pub(details tbc)which the police designated for us to use.

It’s time to make a stand.


13 thoughts on “Unity (Manchester 2nd of March)

  1. Mal: okay you dont seem to be able to string a coherent sentence together so we will answer the questions for you. why did you attack an anti-cuts demo?
    errr…. is it because we are clueless fuckbugles uncle mal?
    Mal: yes that’s right, well done. you attacked a demo protesting against a drastic cut in the standard of working class lives which therefore makes it look like you support that!
    oh did we, i was that drunk i can’t remember.
    why are you a scab? do the bosses work for them?
    errrrr …. well its the only work we can get as we have such appalling criminal records.
    Mal: okay, it looks like your morning bottle of white supremacist cider is getting warm so we will let you go.
    err. okay, thank you. i love your blog Mal its much better than Diddys as you can speall.
    Mal: i love you too x

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