SLATEDL Fantasies. See thee next week.


You’ve got to laugh at them silly cunts over on the SLATEDL page and their bullshit fantasy story of what happened yesterday. What really happened yesterday was this.

The EDL was leafletting Manchester so on the promise of there being UAF in Manchester a few of us lovely NWI lads decided we’d go and pick the scruffy fuckers off if they attempted to give any of the leafletters any jip. I personally rung Manchester UAF during the week to organise a meet but, as usual, none of them turned up.

During the leafletting session one of the EDL lads got a phone call telling him that said scruffy fuckers were holding a demo on Albert Street in Manchester so we rounded everyone up and had a canter down. The demo was against government cuts but to be honest we couldn’t care less what they were protesting about because they’re scum.

When we got there me and another lad walked straight into there demo and got right to the front where I got a few leaflets off said lad and started handing them out to the UAF whilst telling them exactly who me and the lad was. As you can imagine they wasn’t very impressed.

Anyway, all hell broke loose whilst me and my mate James (cracking lad) stood between the scruffy cunts trying not to be sick due to the overwhelming stench.

Whilst all this was going on the EDL leafletters came round the back of the demo and caused a good bit of aggro with the scum. Good on every single one of them they stood their ground in the face of the enemy even though we was outnumbered by at least three to one. Quality bunch who I’d stand with any day of the week and will be standing with in Manchester next week.

You might have seen the video going round that one of the filth got of us but what the video doesn’t show is that the clatty cunt that was filming it had a woman stood next to him was holding a child that was no older than three years old. That’s just about their level though really isn’t it, hiding behind children.

They had the chance to do us yesterday and didn’t. Instead, as soon as we told them who we was they got all sheepish, shouted for the police and then started with the “Nazi” bullshit that we’ve heard on many occasion before.

The NWI will be in Manchester next week and we’ll be going to say hello to those that were there yesterday. Who knows, one of them might even bake us a cake.


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