Stinson Hunter (Paedophile Exposer)


Recently I did a couple of blogs about two self styled vigilantes who have took it upon themselves to drive the length and breadth of the Country on a mission to expose men they had met online whilst posing as underage girls.

One of the men goes under the name of “Stinson Hunter” which, we presume, is obviously not his real name whilst the other man prefers to remain completely anonymous for obvious security and personal safety issues.

Below you will find links to both Stinson Hunters Facebook page and also his Youtube channel where you will be able to follow all their work in their ongoing quest to expose the vermin that is preying on children in our communities.

I’ll be blogging every new Stinson Hunter paedophile expose as from now and would just like to say a big well done to both Stinson and his anonymous friend. Keep up the good work fellas.

North West Infidels.

Stinsons Facebook Page –

Stinsons Youtube Channel –


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