UAF illegally flyposting in Manchester


Members of the far left extremist group ’Unite Against Fascism’ have been out vandalising in Manchester. They have been flyposting anti EDL material and trying to drum up support for their counter protest against the English Defence League’s planned demonstration taking place on Saturday 2nd March. The EDL are protesting against Islamic extremists and the Islamization of Britain, an issue that is a cause for concern to many British people up and down the country.

The communist UAF regularly hold counter protests at the same time as the EDL do in an effort to push policing costs and recruit new members for their puppet masters ‘The Socialist Workers Party’.Just like the Islamo-fascists their allied with, the UAF are also enemies of free speech,against democracy, un patriotic, have a serious hatred of Jews and have a totalitarian ideology.

The UAF have been flyposting in areas with large amounts of Muslims hoping to incite them to attending their counter demonstration increasing the likelihood of trouble. Selfishly they have put themselves before the citizens of Manchester who will have to pick up the bill for their flyposting and any damage caused.

Manchester Council have been informed about the flyposters and told its Unite Against Fascism who are responsible. Flyposters are often prosecuted in Manchester and those guilty of it receive a large fine. Bellow is the website address if you wish to report the UAF’s vandalism


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