Former Lancashire doctor accused of being complicit in torture


A FORMER Lancashire doctor has been accused of being complicit in torture carried out by Saddam Hussein’s henchmen.

Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati worked for the former Iraqi leader’s Intelligence Agency in the early 90s and is said to have treated suspected war crime victims.

He is now facing question marks over his fitness to practice, from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, over his record.

An MPTS spokesman said: “It is alleged that during these visits and whilst administering treatment, Dr Al-Byati knew that some prisoners he treated had sustained injuries as a result of torture, and it was likely that the prisoners would be tortured again. It is also alleged that as a consequence of Dr Al-Byati’s engagement in these events, he was complicit in acts of torture.”

The doctor was employed for a spell at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, which treats some East Lancashire patients.

Dr Al-Byati is a specialist in rheumatology and has worked as a locum senior registrar at hospitals in Manchester, Wolverhampton, Llandudno and Solihull.

His MPTS disciplinary hearing will begin in Manchester on February 26 and is expected to last for four days.


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