South Wales White Pride World Wide Celebration


9 March at 13:00

Swansea South Wales

Details Every year United Nations has the International day for the elimination of discrimination. Also known as Harmony Day . Whites around the world are subject to racial discrimination on a daily basis. You can take a stand against the Racial Discrimination of Whites that occur worldwide. This year the UK will hold its very own WHITE PRIDE demo ! March 9th is the day that the Whites of the UK can stand up and show their pride by flying Pro-whites flags at the event held in SWANSEA South Wales . Regardless of the disputes you may possibly have with any other whites , this day is the day to show your pride . Put aside differences with fellow Whites and unite them with a common goal of WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE !!


The event is a celebration of White Pride, it is not organised by any one organisiation, but a collective of people within South Wales who have been asking why there is such events as “Gay Pride” “Blackpride” ect but no White Pride, anyone is welcome to attend providing they are Proud to be White and all that goes with it, indeed there will be people with different views and opinions on Nationalism ect but this is an attempt to do nothing more thean celebrate White Pride as March the 21st is World White Pride Day and this was the nearest we could get to it, its also an attempt to unify those in South Wales who wish to be vocal and street active without being under the banner of one organisation or one set of organisations objectives as they vary from group to group, there has been links made with all groups around the UK who have the same agenda in most aspects and will be attending, to prevent any divison or conflict within groups the only banner displayed on the actual event will be the White Sun Wheel on the Black flag, those in Swansea who were in the WDL will be there but they have not organised this event, dont expect or ask you to promote or back this event but wanted to inform you of what it actually is and its aims, South Wales has been to quiet for far to long and its about time something happend as we feel yet again its being left behind, next year we will be taking it to another City in South Wales


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