It’s Fucking On Now Chaps!


It’s getting closer. The day the North rises and fulfils it’s potential on the streets of Manchester as one collective force.

The opposition have resorted to making up stories that only they believe, this is obviously a sign of their desperation because they themselves know that when we are as one we are an unstoppable force.

It’s time to bring back the glory days that we had in places like Stoke, Dudley and Leicester when we really did run those fucking streets and had the establishment shaking in their boots.

There is support coming from all four corners of the U.K to support this demonstration to ensure that it will be a roaring success and I personally cannot fucking wait.

As the old saying goes “It’s fucking on now chaps!”



Stinson Hunter Radio Interview


Yesterday Stinson Hunter gave an interview on BBC West Midlands Radio.

Follow the link below and have a listen. The lads got talent.

Interview –

Facebook page –

Youtube channel –

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We’re All In This Together, To Win The Fight Against The Bedroom Tax Despite Communist Advances From The Antifa.

Sophie Morgan and her Antifa “friends” are trolling certain Anti Bedroom Tax groups, pages and events pages and spouting their typical leftist political agendas. Their stating that anybody involved in any form of Nationalism is a “Nazi” and shouldn’t have involvement.

(Typical Blatant Communist Image From The Antifa’s Fan Pages.)

Kyle Huyton said. “I’m from Huyton, Huytons in Knowsley am I not allowed on this page as I know Stephen? Many of you aren’t from Knowsley at all.

I think I’m correct in thinking that the admins and organisers of this group and events detailed that nobody was to use the bedroom tax stand as a political platform or for their own agenda? Seems you are and you’ve forgotten that rule and you violating the rules set out by the groups…

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